Monday, 5 September 2016

Wee Saxon Cavalry

A couple of stands of Magister Militum 10mm Saxon cavalry.
Yes I know the jury is at best "divided" on the existence/use of cavalry by the Saxons. Divided in the sense that the majority of people don't think they had any. However the Dux Bellorum rules allow you to have some. As did the Warmaster rules. As did the WAB Shieldwall rules and as this army started off as an attempt to recreate my 28mm WAB army for 10MM Warmaster I have had a bag of these lying around for years and they've been on the painting stick for at least a couple of years.

As a break from NWF I painted them up this weekend.
I feel the urge to play some Dark Age stuff soon so have added a few Pendraken Late Romans to the painting queue in an attempt to finish/restart my Dux Bellorum in 10mm project and campaign. Or possibly for another game of One Hour Wargames.
They're actually not terribly good models (the Pendraken Romans are much nicer) and they're for the later Saxon period - I think they're supposed to be Huscarls with big Dane Axes and large shields - but I don't care - they're done and at this scale no-one will ever notice. Two units is at least one unit larger than I'm really likely to use - and probably two units larger most of the time.

As a final indignity, just as the static grass was drying I found a bag of 40mmx30mm bases, which is what Dux Bell cavalry at this scale are *supposed* to be based on. Oh well, at least the Late Romans will be on the correct size.


  1. Nice work! Big fan of Dux Bellorum and really looking forward to the release of Men Who Would Be Kings.

  2. Sometimes you do need to swap what you're painting. You never know you may get to use them in a planned scenario??

    1. Yep, change is as good as a rest and all that. I'll probably give them a run out a few times even if they don't form a permanent part of the force.


    Says that you are all good with Saxon Cavalry

    1. Not quite what it says.
      It says Saxons owned and valued horses.
      Don't think anyone is seriously arguing they didn't but there is a notable absence of contemporary records of Saxons fighting (as opposed to just riding about) on horseback.
      I'm going to use them anyway. :)