Friday, 23 September 2016

More Warhammer Orcs and Empire

General Ballroom is finding his regular manly wrestling sessions with Daniel the Second more tiring than he expected and so he needed a lie down in a darkened room this week, meaning Steve and I could crack on with playing proper Warhammer.

Again all a bit last minute, but I managed to locate the missing Orcy bits of the army and swapped some of them in for the Night Goblins. Steve had a tinker with his army list too (two wizards! knights! and I suspect a somewhat fiery banner...).
We rolled up the Watchtower battle which left both of us wanting to lose the initial roll-off as we only had some very rubbish 20 man units. In the end the Empire won and plonked a detachment of swordsmen in the tower. And we were off.

Or rather we weren't as animosity gripped the Greenskin side and only the boarboys got to move. Curse you Gork (or possibly Mork)!

The exception was the brave Nubinz on Muncha...

...which went about as well as expected.

The game, as this scenario always does, degenerated into a big pile up around the tower.

The trolls charged the halbardiers - assuming the Greatswords would have the flamey banner.
Not for nothing are trolls known for their stupidity. The halberds had the fiery stick.

 Ow, it's burny!

Meanwhile the Greatswords had occupied the tower. Leaving the original occupiers to their fate.
Their fate in this case to be charged by a scary giant and running away.

Clive chased the knights around for a bit.

The boarboys launched into the halberds. And, to both our surprises, did OK. Well, they didn't immediately break and flee.

The swordsmen picked on a poor defenceless spider

And the knights picked on poor, defenceless Clive.

Inevitably he fell sideways.

The knights caught the big Orc unit in the flank. But the green boys held.

However, time was running out and  the roll of a five meant the game finished on turn five with the Empire in control of the tower.

Another good fun game. This scenario can be a bit frustrating but it played out OK.
Animosity ruined my chances with two rounds where it completely thwarted my plans. But then that's the joy of playing with Orcs and Gobbos.

We are now semi seriously looking at the old Idol of Gork scenario pack...


  1. I am really enjoying these vicarious jaunts back into this fantastic game. Really helped by the fact that they are all wonderfully painted.

    I would love to see the Idol of Gork campaign played. I have had it on my shelf for ages, and would love to see how it would be played out. Cheers for the post!

  2. Thanks Liam,
    There's a bit of craziness in Idol of Gork that we'll have to sort out to make it work with 8th (separate Netter teams...?) but I reckon it's do-able.
    Stay tuned...!

  3. Cool report. Nice pictures. Sad that no one will play 8th with me.

    1. Yes, its a shame indeed. Square bases are the only bases for Warhammer!