Saturday, 24 September 2016

A diversion into the grimdark future...

Saturday afternoon and the kids wanted to play 40k. Possibly influenced by the fact that I'd just banned phones, consoles computers and television for the next four hours.

So we just threw down everything we had and played a game.
Although my army is the biggest in terms of numbers, it's the smallest in terms of points and effectiveness, so the boys like giving me the smack-down.

Anyway we played three turns I think and it was the usual mixture of unsubtlety, head scratching and page turning to find the rules and an overall feeling (for me at least) of nice models, terrible rules.

Still I think they had fun and as Saturday afternoons go, I've had far worse.

 The Ork horde assembles

 Eldar Rangers begin to lurk

 War walkers? Ulp!

 Templars on patrol

 The Avatar, with his Wraithlord chum

 Just hoverin' in the bushes maan!

 Da boyz take cover


 Come here. I got a huge hammer!

 Da boyz close in...' it all kicks off!

 The Orks see what they're up against

 Here they come!

 Avatar v Warboss - who will win? (Its the Avatar)

 The Fire Dragons get jumped

 More templars killin' more of da ladz

Avatar v Deff Dredd, who will win? (See previous answer)


  1. I'll take nice models and kids any day, no worries about the rules. We generally get half of them wrong anyways ;)

  2. Half wrong?
    As little as that?
    You're doing way better than me if you can get half of them right :)