Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Reaper Bones Worm for Frostgrave

I thought I'd start the New Year off with a picture of my enormous purple worm thrusting majestically skywards.

It's a Reaper Bones Great Worm miniature which cost about three quid and is awesome.
I agonised about colour choice, considering going for an albino/frosty scheme for Frostgrave games but in the end went for the iconic D&D purple look.
Painted with Foundry purple triad and then some browns and bleached bone for the teeth.
Just right for games of Frostgrave.

For an idea of scale, here he is with an unfortunate Gripping Beast Arab.

Base needs some snow adding, but as I've a few beasties to finish off I'll do them all together.


  1. My goodness sir, your pulsating purple protrusion is rather splendid.

  2. That's a nice looking (monster pool) member :)