Saturday, 9 January 2016

40K Cityfight Orks v Black Templars v Imperial Guard

Smallest boy, or Gaming Heir as he prefers to be known, is currently very keen on Warhammer 40K. He's got a bunch of my old Black Templars and is keen to expand the force, netting himself a Land Raider Crusader for Christmas.
So he was keen to get a game in over Christmas, ideally a Cityfight game as he'd just discovered the Cityfight cards in a copy of White Dwarf. Fortunately I was able to get Steve to agree to host us. Steve's a bit more familiar with 40K than me and he built a very nice Ctyfight board last summer in anticipation of some skirmishy Necromunda action we never got round to starting.

So we rolled up with around 600 points each (though I think the Templars may have  had a few more than that). 
I had my two units of Ork boys (one in a truck), death dread, 3 killer kans, burna boys and a Warboss to lead them.
Steve had all the words guardsmen and a squadron of sentinels.
The templars had tactical marines in a rhino, assault marines on foot and  some terminators.
 I set up in my traditional station as the green meat of an Imperial forces sandwich.

 Da boys set up

 Here comes da Deff Dredd

 The Sentinel Squadron scouts ahead

 The Templars on the gantries

 Sentinels lead the way

 Terminators smash their way into a building

 Valhallans advance

 Spitting lazer death

 Steel Legion in the buildings

 Da Ork centre

 Clank, smash, crush

 In the Emperor's name!

 Clank, clank, dakkka!

 Da Trukk boys plough forward

 Uh-oh. Terminators.

 Valhallan ambush!

 Where did da trukk and most of da ladz go?

 The slaughter continues

 To da rescue!

 Burninate dem!


 Kan and Sentinel go toe to toe

 Hmmm, No more Orks.


The terminators made pretty short and brutal work of my Ork boys on my left. Whilst the Burnas were able to warm up some Valhallans, unfortunately the firepower of the rest of the IG bought down the Deff Dredd and seriously ripped into the Kans. Despite throwing more boys and the warboss at the terminators I was overrun on that flank and the burnas soon succumbed to Guard shooting. In the end the only thing I had left was the last Kan who inevitably bit the dust. So it came down to an Imperial force face-off and despite Steve throwing everything at the assault marines the Gaming Heir clung on for the win.
This was a surprisingly good fun game. I still hold to the view that 40K is a game for children, deviants and accountants but the cramped confines of Cityfight, the lack of too many tanks and special weapons and rules meant it rattled along at a fair old pace. I think we'll play some more at this sort of scale.

Big thanks to Steve for hosting. The offspring has barely shut-up about it since.


  1. Good looking game and fun.........although my preference these days is for other stuff I still love 40k as a concept and back story. As I'm not an accountant or sadly a child I must be a deviant ! Oh dear:)

  2. Intergenerational games are the best games.