Thursday, 18 June 2015


After watching things unfold, seeing the game at Salute and playing it at Partizan I finally committed and ordered a Level 3 wizard set of Frostgrave. I’ve gone with a Chronomancer wizard because they sound the most interesting, even though the model isn’t nearly as nice as the artwork.

However while I wait for the models and rulebook to arrive (due in early July) I remembered an old wizard I’d half painted and some Griping Beat plastics I’d started assembling before I realised I couldn’t face painting a whole unit of them and thought I’d have a go at throwing a quick warband together so I can start playing when the package arrives. And also so I have a spare warband for the offspring to play with.

So here’s the wizard, a splendid old Ali Morrison (I think) Citadel wizard. It originally came in a set with a mounted version on a flying carpet. I painted that up years ago when I bought the model, but it’s now long since lost to the mists of time. (If anyone has one sitting in their lead pile they’d be willing to part with, get in touch..)
About a year or so ago I started painting this guy up but ran out of steam, but I think he’ll go very well with the plastic GB Arabs.

And here are the Arabs in question.

Two Thugs

Two Infantrymen

A thief

Two archers

I was wondering where to get an apprentice and then it occurred to me to use another plastic arab, but to cut his spear down to make a staff. I’m going to raid my plastics pile and see if there are some packs and the like (and maybe a bound book or similar) to laden him down with.

Finally I grabbed another GB model, a plastic Viking and added an Arab head to create a knight model.

All of which comes to slightly too many points according to the author, but I'll figure that out later.

None of them particularly look like they’d survive very long in a frozen city, but I’m fine (and slightly amused) by that. My greenstuff skills aren’t up to adding warm clothing and furs and the like, and anyway this is supposed to be a “get you by” solution, rather than a definitive warband.
Going to try and slap some paint on this weekend.

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