Friday, 19 June 2015

Frostgrave scenery

One of the things I’m going to need for Frostgrave is some scenery. In fact I think this may be something of a barrier for the game as a whole. You’ll need quite a lot of ruined buildings and they need to be on snowy buildings to play. For most other skirmish games you can get by with what you have being re-purposed, but this one requires a separate stack of quite specific terrain. Now I quite like making terrain, so I think it’ll be good fun, but I can see this putting some people off. Anyway, eldest boy decided he wanted to build a wizards tower. So I helped him to do that. The plans and basic drawings were his. I helped a little with the cutting of the foamcard, but he did most of it himself. Then I held things together while he applied hot glue. It looks fine and I like the three levels.

Needs some corner stones adding and then some plastering on the walls.
In the meantime I’ve started to make a ruined hovel.


  1. Tempted to get stuck in too but my frosty scenery is also lacking...

  2. I am jealous of people who can (at a third of my age) make a much better stab at making scenery than me. Tell him well done that is a cracking bit of kit. I am going to possibly dust my gothic ruins with a bit of snow flock and white spray as you keep telling me 40K is dead. I might need to build some covers for the crashed spaceship though :s

  3. Nicely done. Reminds me of my dearth of scenery in general. Frostgrave sounds a little like frozen Mordheim, not that I know much about Mordheim either.