Saturday, 20 June 2015

Frostgrave scenery (2)

I got some time today to work a bit on some scenery.
Here's my hovel so far.

Foamboard walls, "rendered" with some filler mixed with PVA, fine sand and grey paint - used as much to seal the polystyrene wall core from the spray coming next as to provide a little texture to the walls. Cat-litter for rubble and some sand over the MDF base. Basic, but it'll provide some cover.

Next up a pair of 40K plastic ruins that I was going to use for games of, umm, 40K, but with a few of the more obvious bullet holes filled in (that's what the white is, not snowballs as my youngest suggested) a spray of grey and some snow and they'll do fine for a ruined fantasy city.

Finally, however I hit the jackpot!  Whilst in the loft searching for random bits of plastic I discovered a dusty old Mail Order box marked 40K Cityfight. Blowing off the dust I peered in the gloom at the contents. Inside I found a bag containing an unopened set of cityfight "biscuit foam" ruins!

They're big and chunky ruins, not overburdened with 40K iconography. They're supplied on a single sheet, but can easily be cut apart to give more flexibility
There are quite a few sandbags in some of the windows, but I reckon a liberal application of snow will disguise those. There's also a "barrier" piece made of steel barrels and girders, that I'll repaint to match the 40K desert terrain

There is, of course, only one thing better than finding an unopened bag of pre-built and painted scenery for your new project.
And that's finding TWO unopened bags of pre-built and painted scenery for your new project.


  1. If this Frostgrave game really is Mordheim+, I am going to be very interested in it.