Saturday, 25 October 2014

Peninsular Real Estate (2)

Finished off the Warbases Mediterranean buildings. The roofs are Wills sheets - which are conveniently exactly the right size for the larger building widths. I painted them with GW Terracotta, gave them a wash with Devlan Mud, then drybrushed with the original mixed with a little orange.
I suspect they may be a bit dark and dirty - our British roofs have been darkened by 20th century industrial pollution, and roofs in modern southern France for instance are much more orange. However, they look OK to my eye.
Pretty happy with how these turned out and they'll be ideal for Napoleonic games in the Peninsular War, or World War 2 action in Italy, Sicily or Crete.


  1. They turned out great. Very nice bit of real estate !

  2. They look great, nice job!

  3. They look superb :)
    I am about to get going on the Middle Eastern versions of the range... fingers crossed.

    1. Be interested to see how they turn out.
      I've used Hovels and scratch built models for my El Cid/Middle East buildings, which are really a bit small for 28mm models, but don't take up too much space on a wargames table.
      The footprint on these is a bit large for my taste - though I'm happy with them for skirmish games like SBH or Bolt Action.

  4. They look good and have turned out very well

  5. Great job! Those are nice buildings, and your additions just made them look right.

  6. Thanks all.
    I think I'm going to add some greenery to the outside of at least one of these to look like ivy growing up and break the "wall of white" effect.