Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fight at da Ford - a Song of Blades and Heroes battle

Gitsnag gathered the lads around.
"Right, some of da little 'uns sez dey saw some dirty, clanky oomans clumpin aroud on da uvver side of Snotty Stream. Da boss sez we've gotta check it out. So let's go 'ave a look and wen dere's nowt there we can go back 'ome and duff up da little snots wotz made us come all da way out 'ere"
The lads grumbled and shifted lazily, then hefted their choppas and followed their leader.
Suddenly something caught Gitsnag's eye. Lumbering toward the ford he could see shambling, dark humanoid shapes. Sniffing the air he caught the taint of corruption and chaos. He grinned. He always liked a good punch up...

The Chaos Warriors surge toward the ford
 Gitsnag urges the lads onward
The servants of the dark powers appeared gripped with raw Chaos and their advance became fractured.

The evil warriors splashed first into the ford and Gitsnag shouted at the lads to not let them cross.

 Clank, splash, clank

 "Yoo shall not pass!"

Fighting broke out in the waters of the ford as the onrushing Orcs overwhelmed the Chaos leader and held his head beneath the water until the twitching stopped. Dismayed the nearest Chaos warrior hurled himself into the waters and was carried from the field.

 "Dats da way ta doo it!"

With momentum on his side Gitsnag urged the lads across the stream


The chaos warriors put up a good fight, forcing Gitsnag to back away


But it was a temporary respite and the greenskin numbers began to tell

 Gettin' stuck in

Finally the last foul servant of the Ruinous powers vanished beneath a hail of choppers and well aimed boots.
 Chop, kick, squelch!
A fun little SBH skirmish. Only 200 points or so a side. Sadly the smallest boy was more obsessed with getting mutations than dealing with Orcs, so I was able to lead the greenskins to glory. Still he took it well and has demanded a rematch. He says he wants a dragon next time...

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