Sunday, 26 October 2014

Orcs and Chaos an SBH rematch

So, chastened after our recent game, the youngest offspring decided once more to take me on.
This time he insisted on having a dragon - although once he'd checked the points he settled on just a small one...
We both took 300 point warbands, he had a Chaos Warrior Leader, three Warriors and the aforementioned dragon. I had an Orc Leader, two Orc Archers, four Orc Warriors and a mighty Troll.
We decided this would be the start of a campaign and rolled for scenario. I was hoping for a change from the pitched battle, but a 1 came up, so we were up and at 'em again.

 The foul forces of Chaos

Da Orcs (and a Troll)

I experienced a fair few C and C problems as the battle began and the lads struggled to get moving.
On the other side of the board, the chaos warriors advanced, sending the dragon forward on their left flank, from where it unleashed a flaming breath or two, singeing an Orc and knocking him to the ground.

I returned a little desultory bow fire, to no real effect
However it was enough to distract the winged monster who instead spat fiery orange death in the direction of the archer Orcs.

Finally getting the boys under control I ordered them to charge the dragon, which didn't go as well as I'd hoped. However a fortunate bow shot knocked a warrior to the ground.

At this point the Chaos Warlord ordered a general charge along the line and fighting broke out in all directions.

Sadly (and somewhat surprisingly) the Orc archers proved a match for the rampaging warlord, and despite a few Orcs falling to dragon claw, the rest of the warband fled with the death of their proud leader. Victory once more to the Orcs!

Have some of that!

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