Monday, 13 October 2014

Grotfang, a Warboss for Orctober (2)

A bit of progress on Grotfang.
I had a dilemma about how actually to model him. My original plan was to cut off the metal legs and glue the torso to the legs that are moulded onto the plastic boar. However, looking at the drawing, the metal model doesn’t much resemble the picture. Only the choppa bears much similarity. So I debated building the plastic orc and using the metal right arm (or part of it) to create Grotfang.
In the end I went with my original plan. Mainly because the metal is some classic Brian Nelson Orc goodness and will look great on a beefed up (ho-ho) boar.

 Big gap at the bottom of the boar's kneck

 Leg still not matching up

Speaking of the boar, the model really is a “pig” to put together. The two sides just don’t fit at all well. Having assembled one of these before I knew that was the case, but even so I was surprised at how poorly it fits, with big gaps appearing despite quite a bit of work with file and knife.

Anyway, he’s part way there. The pig needs some greenstuffing to hide the joins, and Grotfang needs a chainmail skirt creating from greenstuff to hide the join a bit. I’d like to get the modelling finished before the weekend, but I fear a couple of days working in Belfast will interfere with that.

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  1. He is looking great. I think you made the right choice with putting the whole Orc on. I can't wait to see him finished!