Monday, 12 November 2012

WFB Dwarfs v Vampires Battle Report

My new job doesn't start until tomorrow and my regular WFB chum has a few days off work, so clearly a game of Warhammer was in order.
We rolled up the Blood and Glory scenario, settled on six items of terrain and then lined up and went at it.
I was intending to use a Dwarf list with a fighty Lord to lead it as the magic sapping abilities of the Runesmith with Anvil list had made it a tough slog for the Necromancer led list they'd fought last time - however I couldn't locate the list in time and anyway my opponent had tooled up with a fighty Vampire to lead the line on this occasion.
I deployed a little to the left in my deployment zone and the cursed hordes of Undeath bunched up opposite me to try and stay close to their leader.

 Noble Dwarfs of Clan Groznog
Evil hordes of deadmen

My list was:
Runelord, Anvil, Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking
Thane ASB
Thane, great Weapon Rune of Resistance
29 Warriors with shields
10 Quarrelers
10 Thunderers
10 Miners
20 Hammerers
25 Longbeards
Organ Gun

From Narn Silvania came:
Fighty Vampire
Horde O' Ghoulies
25 Graveguard
5 Hexwraiths
25 Skellies

The Vamps finished deploying first but I won the roll and elected to go first. I didn't move much. The Thunderers walked up the the fiery fence that stood in front of them and the Longbeards moved to hold the flank, but other than that we just locked and loaded.
The canon took careful aim at the huge Terrorgheist and misfired. The crossbows killed a couple of Ghouls and the Anvil killed a single hexwraith. Gunlines are awesome.

The dead shuffled forward with the Terrorgheist leaping forward to shreik terrifingly at the Thunderers, killing eight of them! Meanwhile some Zombies emerged from the earth right in front of the Organ Gun. Almost like some sort of meat shield. However as it was a miscast the magic ended at this point with a couple of Ghouls being blown up in the process.

 Where'd everyone go Snorri?


Again the Dwarf line held pretty steady and got ready to shoot. The Thunderers failed to hurt their nemesis, but a cannon shot and some lead from the Organ gun sent the huge beasty to it's doom.
The Vampires continued their forward shamble with the Hexwraiths running over the remaining Thunderers killing them both. The Zombies hurled themselves at the Organ gun and forced a draw in the ensuing fight.

 And it's dead horse, leading dead horse with dead horse bringing up the rear...

 Come on then! No, you come on!, No you...

Meanwhile the Longbeards faced off against the grave guard on the right flank whilst the Lord of undeath urged his horde forward.
Finally the battle-lines clashed with the Ghoulies and their Vampire leader smashing into the Hammerers and the Grave Guard going toe to bony toe with the Longbeards



The Vampire and Ghouls took a  fearful toll of the Hammerers but they stoically held whilst the Longbeards fared better against the Grave Guard.

In backfield the Hexwraiths glided across the anvil, killing both guard whilst the Organ Gun crew eventually dispatched the zombies.

"Heigh-ho, heigh-ho a killing dead things we go!"

Despite the heroic efforts of the Thane the Hammerers were eventually ground to nothing by the fury of the Vampire Lord, but the stout Dwarf Warriors crashed into the Skeletons and the late arriving Miners ensured the Grave Guard were all cut down.

Charging on into the Organ gun and wiping them out the Vampire Lord re-arranged his Ghoulies to strike back at the Dwarf Warriors who were not chopping the skeletons down fast enough. Meanwhile the Banshee made enough racket to burst the Runelord's eardrums and suddenly the Dwarfs were in trouble.


More braiiinzzz!!

The Vampire and his poisonous minions smashed into the side of the Dwarf warriors and the Dawi began to sing their death-songs. The Vampire Lord, free at last to wreak magical destruction with the passing of the Runelord worked his dark powers only to suffer a miscast. With a mysterious sucking sound and a peculiar sulphurous smell the mighty undead lord vanished into the magical realm and with that the battle was over!

A really fun game that hung in the balance to the very end. The combination of Anvil, Runelord, Rune of Balance and some poor magic dice meant the Vampires had a tough time of it and yet if it hadn't been for the final miscast they would probably have cut straight through the Dwarf unit to claim victory. A good fun game, and very fast - though with one side not playing in the shooting phase and the dwarfs avoiding both magic and, largely, movement it was always likely to be!


  1. Good batrep T. Looks to have been a fun game the way WHFB should. Nice.

    Good luck tomorrow with the new start.