Monday, 12 November 2012

Dux Bellorum Bases (2)

Some progress.
Over a white undercoat I painted them with some cheap sampler emulsion paint from Wilkos - Java Bean similar to the old GW scorched Brown then a drybrush with a warm orangey colour similar to Bronzed Flesh and finally Crushed Almond, a dead (arf!) ringer for Bleached Bone.
The rocks I picked out with Charadon Granite - drybrushed with a couple of lighter greys, the Spears with some brown or other and the shield got a spare LBMS transfer.
Not looking too bad IMO.

Still some work to do, including some grass tufts to add but they should be finished soon.


  1. I am sneakily taking down the names of all those Wilko paints - that's good stuff!

  2. Great looking bases. Thanks for the Wilko paint references, very useful. I've started to paint all my large scale terrain pieces with tester pots, far better value (and you also get a brush!).


  3. Beware, those Wilko paint names are soooo last season (or possibly even the season before!). However I'm sure their current range holds an equivalent. And at about a quid a pot they're ideal for scenery and the like.