Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vampires and Chaos a Warhammer battle report

The four of us from my last post have embarked upon a campaign.
We're using the rather splendid Warlord Campaign Rules. There are two Vampire players, Hall-Scurry the Skaven and my mighty Chaos warriors. My first game was against one of the perfidious vampire players and due to some unfortunate rolls I was starting on 1850 points to his 2K.
I also misread the rules a bit, so was even more hamstrung than the rules intended.
Nevertheless fun was had.
Sadly once again my camera reacted badly to the energy saving lights and the pictures are properly rubbish, but here they are:

The game was notable for repeated low rolls on the winds of magic - I think the highest was 8 and we had at least two of double 1. My Hellcannon blew up on turn one, and I had a short and painful reminder not to go toe to toe with a big unit of graveguard. The combination of a slightly smaller army, not picked as well as it might be, some terrible dice rolling and some all round poor play meant I was broken by the middle of turn four. Not the best start to a campaign, I'm sure you'll agree. But a good fun game that started to show me some of the fun to be had with a Warriors of Chaos army.

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