Thursday 1 November 2012

Hobby Funk

My regular reader got in touch recently to point out that I'd not blogged for a while (thanks Mum).
This is because I have been in something of a hobby funk since the big game at Partizan.
Just haven't much felt like painting or hobbying much. I played in the El Cid day earlier in the month and had three great games and I've played a couple of Warhammer games too but even that didn't shake me out of it, so my models have sat unpainted and unloved for more than a month now.
Anyway I finally roused myself to get the brushes out the other night and did some work on a Citadel giant that's been half done for about for years now. So not a complete return, but some stirrings of interest.
I also ordered the X-wing game everyone seems excited about and I'm off to pick it up from the PO along with a copy of WI301, so we'll see if that brings my Mojo back.


  1. I've had a few of those in the last 12 months. I found reading an appropriate book or watching a film got me back into it...that and choosing figures which are quick to paint...not Napoleonics as I am attempting now!

  2. I concur... I always find the right movie at the right time can get the juices flowing again.

  3. Everybody in the hobby gets these mojo-less periods, I know I do. It's the guilt that we feel about not feeling like painting or modelling that's interesting, it's supposed to be fun after all. But we do. I say, go with the flow and maybe dabble in something a bit different, wargame related or not and you'll soon have the hankerings again. It may just be the time of year :-) or just a bit of burn out. Hope your mojo turn up soon.

  4. Agreed, it's supposed to be fun! I suggest you just enjoy the games and you'll feel like it again in due course.

  5. Wimp! Real men keep it up every month.

  6. Thanks for the kind words chaps.
    HH, have you considered a career as a motivational speaker?


  7. I'm in a similar funk at the moment too. Although I do seem to have regained the painting mojo at the weekend - 25 Vikings finished and a quite a lot of work done on the 6mm AWI project.