Monday, 23 January 2012

Cold Steel 2012. The Final Game

And so to the dying of the light at Beast Towers.
My battered and bruised Saxon army would be facing Dave and his something or other from the BTGG list in the Attrition scenario.
I'd not read the scenarios in any kind of depth (trans. at all) before the day, so I'd not reallly tooled up an optimum reduced list for this game. Fortunately with the previous game ending a little quickly (sorry, Tony) I had time to cross out the men I wouldn't be needing.
When the draw went up I found myself on table one. More competetive gamers should be aware that tables at Cold Steel are allocated randomly, I wasn't on "top table"! There was some shenanigans with my opponent, as the draw had not quite gone as planned, so I ended up playing against Dave. Once that had been worked out, it remained to be seen which Dave I was to play against. Dave1 had been told he was playing on table one (I heard this happen) but Dave2 (Kiwi Dave) was the name written down.
We had a brief conflab toward the end of which KiwiDave reveled that he'd rather not play the Arab that was the alternative to platying me and regaled us with the hilarious tale of how he'd butchered an Arab army at a previous GB event with his Parthain shotting cavalry. How we all laughed. Then I reminded him that it was my Arab army he'd done that to. And we all laughed some more. Then I played against the other Dave. Imagine my delight when he revealed he'd brought some Parthian Shot Cavalry as well.

What, us? Parthian shot? Naaah! You got the wrong blokes!

 The thin bearded line

 Stab, stab, grind, grind

We shoot, we run, we shoot, we run, we...oh you get the idea

All told it was a fun, fast and furious game. Over on my right, Daves big bunch of warband and his cavalry collided with my Duguth, who astonishingly held. Eventually the Gedrith joined in and saw off the cavalry but were unable to catch them.
Over on the left my other Duguth ran the gauntlet of parthian shot, after parthian shot.
Eventually the Warband broke the Duguth, but they were in turn chased off by my second, ever thining Duguth unit.
As the battle drew to a close the Gedrith were unable to lay spear on Dave's cavalry, and with his warband rallying he'd done enough to claim the victory.
Another good fun game, and though I'm never going to be a fan of PS out of supplement Dave played well and in good spirit and thoroughly deserved his victory.

And with that the day ended.
I'd failed to trouble the top of the scoring tree, and done enough to avoid coming last too.
I bought some more soldiers while I was there, which I now have to crack on and paint as they're needed for James' Top Secret Project (tm) next month.


  1. Very nice photos and great report. Always good when you can have a few laughs as well, and don't come last!!

  2. Tom,

    Really enjoyed your series of reports! Thanks for posting.



  3. Some very nice photo's of some very nice looking figures!!

  4. Thanks for all the feedback in this and the other posts.
    If it's inspired anyone to do some WAB Dark Age action Scrivs (and me) are putting an AoA event on in April.

    Be great to see some more folks there.