Monday 16 January 2012

Roman Villa

I've not had much hobby time over the holidays, however the eldest boy is doing Romans at school this term so had a holiday project to do. So we decided to make a Roman Villa model.
I briefly toyed with the idea of doing a 28mm model that I could later use for games of soldiers, but then remembered that it was actually his project, not mine and so he needed to do most of the work, so maybe something a little less ambitious was in order.
A spot of googling later and we found these great plans on the BBC web site. Eay enough to follow, but give a great result - that's value for licence payers money!
And so after a minmum of cursing and some quality father/son time we came up with the following:

His teacher was sufficiently impressed  that he was sent straight down to the Head to show it to her.
And he was given two house points. One of which I've claimed for myself.

We also took a day trip out to York to look at Roman remains. I can thoroughly recommend the Yorkshire Museum in Museum park, lots of really interesting, well presented Roman stuff, with a good mix of interactive things for younger historians. The lad got in free, and my ticket allows access for 12months, so a bargain in my view. As well as the Roman they'd also got a cracking Medieval part too. Well worth a visit. Here's a few pics for those that like that sort of thing (a somewhat esoteric selection as they were mostly taken by the offspring):

Some of the still standing Roman walls in York. The lower level using smaller stones is Roman, the upper part using larger blocks is a Medieval addition. The terracotta bricks are Roman, some sources say decorative, some say they helped bind the wall together.

 Statue of Mars that stands in the entrance to the Museum

 A section of Mosaic

 Mars again

 Tile bearing the mark of the IX Legion (af "lost Eagle" fame)

Statue of Constantine the Great who was declared Emperor in York

 I find maintaining dignity at all times is the key to successful parenting...

 Roman Temple model
 Hypercaust duct

 Samian Ware

Actual Roman lady's hair (found in a coffin!)

 DIY Mosaic by Son and Heir

 Sandals - Roman. Socks - Model's own.


 Two of the Roman tower foundations still visible from up on the medieval walls
York is well worth a visit for anyone with even a passing interest in history, as it's had lots going on since the Romans arrived and a lot of it is still viewable.

Apologies for the not specifically wargaming nature of this post, but it had some modelling and history in it.
Normal service will be resumed later this week as I went to Cold Steel yesterday and lost at WAB a few times. Pics and report to follow.


  1. Nice one. Congratulations to your son for the house points

  2. Great looking model, congratulations to your son