Friday, 20 January 2012

Cold Steel 2012. The Second Game.

Better crack on with this while I can still vaguely remember what occured.

My second opponent was Stephen with his very nice Age of Arthur Welsh army.
I was looking forward to this as I really like in period AoA games - my Saxons struggle a bit against the likes of the Normans and some of the BTGG lists, so a Welsh list ought to give me a bit more of a chance. Possibly.

The scenario was  The Battle in the Pass, and I'd already decided not to attempt flanking and Stephen settled on not taking advantage of that option too, thereby simplfying the whole process.
We thus lined up and went at it:

 Combrogi prepare to defend their valley

 Saxons invading the aforementioned valley
 Mounted Tail..tally..tell..Hard Blokes

I clumped the Duguth and Gedrith in the centre with an eye on grabbing the hill in the centre of the valley, with some Geoguth and skirmishers protecting the flanks. The Welsh deployed blocks of infantry in the centre and packed the flanks with horsemen. As a result my army ran up the hill and started handing it out, while the Welsh cavalry made short work of my flankers.
 The Welsh Hearthguard get to work...

Then head for the hill...

My Gedrith do what Gedrith do best and punched a big hole in the Welsh centre, but Stephen's cavalry reined in and headed back toward the central hill.
Once again, pictures run out at this point...
At this stage I was looking in command, but one of the things I like best about the AoA games is that it ain't over until it's over and some failed warbands combined with clever play from Stephen meant he was able to pull things back and then tip them in his favour.
The game was eventually stopped with a turn still remaining (out of time) but by then Stephen had me right where he wanted me, and the points count up gave him the win.
A great fun game that see-sawed, but Stephen deserved his win.


  1. I played Steven too and he also duffed up my Saxons :-)

    Keep up the good work Tom.

  2. You had me on the ropes in the middle game for sure ;-)

  3. Great look figures. Looks like a fun game