Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hot Lead 2010 Report Part One

I've been very remiss in getting my report from last weekends Hot Lead up.
Real life and all that stuff.
So before the memory fades too much here's a far from in-depth look at what went on...

Game One was against Graeme's Rus.
I'd never played them before. All I knew was that they were from Beyond the Golden Gate supplement and therefore undoubtedly a bit...well...frisky.
As it turned out the list itself played no part whatsoever in humiliating demise, and Graeme was a thoroughly nice chap to play against. In fact I played him in the first round at Cold Steel a year or so ago, so clearly this is destined to be a pattern at future GB events.
We played the Booty recapturing scenario where the horrble Pagan Viking types were making off with some of Allahs goods. As a largely infantry based army chasing down Parthian shotting cavalrymen I was already on the back foot. Deploying nowhere near the Rus ensured it was even more uphill than strictly necessary.
Anyway, some pictures:

Parthian Shotters lure away Ibn Coldir's camels

You see those blokes on horses on the hill? Don't go near them!

Come on lads, it's gettin away!

Remember the blokes on the hill? Oh.

Eat spear Infidel!

The Black Guard fail to make an impact

Graeme played the scenario very well and I, well, I didn't. I killed a single unit of skirmshers whist Graeme got pretty much his entire army and the baggage off the board.
A good fun game and pretty much what I expected for the result.

So Game Two and I was playing against Rus, for a change. Clearly Ibn Coldir had got lost somewhere on the Steppes. Daves army was similar, but had a big block of fighty blokes on foot where Graeme had his small block of fighty blokes on horses. I was defending my shrine (actually Ibn Coldir's favourite camel) and thought that with my defensive strength I might do ok...
As it happened I was incorrect.
My cavary charged off into the back-field but were run off by some warbanders and never really got back to the fight. Parthian Shotting dudes (them again) peppered me on the other flank and it turned out that big blocks of spearmen are not what you need to beat up berserkers (even the friendly BtGG beserkers).
Images of the carnage:

Almoravid Battle line

Rus, ready to rumble!

Steady, lads, steady...

Fight, stab etc.!


Dave played a better game than I did, I made some charges when I shouldn't and largely squandered the horse. As a result Camelburgers were on the menu for the Pagans!
So after two games and a couple of hidings (both of which were charmingly and entertainingly administered) I was well on target for Wooden Spoon glory!
Part two to follow...

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