Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another El Cid Game

John came over last night for anther El Cid game. Sadly no pictures this time.
We played the Ransom scenario from the El Cid book using 1500 point armies on an 8x4 table.
Interestingly the flanks didn't get much use and the game would have fitted comfortably on a 6x4.
Most of the action took place in the centre of the battlefield, where an unfortunate series of panic tests saw Johns Andalusians end up fleeing just as he had got into a strong position.
On the right flank my camels finally redeeemed themselves after all their previous poor performances wiping out some jinettes and Johns irritating slingers.
Other than that the game was notable for me playing more cautiously than usual, not launching headlong charges with my spear blocks but waiting instead for the Andalusians to charge me. Tactics, whoda thought it?!
In the end I won a narrow victory, having lost just a single unit of spearmen and capturing John's Shaykh.
Tonight it's WFB 8th, 2k points of my Dwarfs taking on Tomb Kings (I think).

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