Tuesday, 13 July 2010

First Post

I've been meaning to have a blog for a while and now I have.
Last night I prepared a Mighty Empires map for a Warhammer campaign I'm kicking off.
Here's a rather poor picture of the map:

The kids helped me put this together using Mighty Empires tiles.

And here it is in graphical form:

I created this using Hexographer, which is ace.

There are four of us playing, divided into two teams. Each player has three 1000pt armies that he allies with his team-mate to form three allied 2,000 point armies.
Armies can move up to two hexes, claiming any hexes they move through.
When armies meet, fighting occurs.
First set of map moves will be made tomorrow night with the first campaign battle the week after.
I'll update as the campaign poceeds.

In the meantime I've got a game of El Cid using WAB2 this evening as a final warm-up for Hot Lead. If you're lucky there will be pictures tomorrow.

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