Monday, 2 July 2018

Wargames table

Over the weekend I built a wargames table for myself.

8x4 of goblin green loveliness.
I originally intended to but a new MDF tabletop but confronted with the logistics of getting such a a sheet home (and British DIY stores no longer seem prepared to cut them for you) I decided to use the venerable chipboard errr...boards that I've had for the last fifteen years or so. They'll generally be covered by a cloth of some sort so as long as they're flat all is well.
At some point I'm going to make an optional extension board to take it out to a mighty ten foot long!

Here's some WiP (well, actually, PNF - Pretty Nearly Finished) shots.


  1. Nice, long may it serve you.

  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  3. A big improvement on my own 8' x 4'board sitting on a desk!

  4. Nice work Tom, game at yours then?
    I suffice with a couple of 30" x 72" banquet tables that shall definitely come back to the UK with me.

  5. Nice...... I would be tempted to stick another strut in the middle unless you are happy it is strong enough ?

  6. Thanks all. Looking forward to gaming on it.