Saturday, 7 July 2018

Ogres versus Nurgle Warhammer 8th Edition

Steve and I played this ten days or so ago.
Since which time I have had several sleeps, been to Wales twice, drunk beer and watched some football.
All of which means this may not have my usual level of high quality tactical insight and witty commentary. Stop sniggering at the back.

I went with a tide of grey flesh.

Steve started by whizzing his dogs sideways across the table

In front of the rest of his horrid green and yellow line.

Obviously he'd bought along the Muti...Muto...Muty...Big Chaos Gribbly Thing.

So the lads charged it. In the face.

Charges were a pretty big theme of the whole thing, really.

The Ironguts had a burny hot banner. The Trolls enjoyed that very much.

Unfortunately daemons were also involved.

And warriors crashing in to the side of the lads like that is always going to end badly.

Will. You. Just. Go. Unstable!

The Warriors soon found some more big grey guys to beat up on.

Haha! A Gorger. weren't expecting that, were you?

Finally the Chaos Big Guy sought out the Tryrant.
And sadly Chaos armour is better than Ogre armour. So the Tyrant bought it. Big style.

This was a bit of a thrashing.
The Chaos Nurgle boys are a tough nut to crack for most armies and particularly an Ogre army built on Bulls, rather than one full of Mournfangs and big beasties.

Good fun though..

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