Monday, 30 July 2018

20mm Resin Buildings for Sale. Collect at Partizan

As part of my move to the Sherwood Soldier Shack I have uncovered a bunch of stuff that, if I’m honest, I’m never going to do anything further with.
Mostly 20mm WW2.
So I’m planning to offload it.
Among the stuff is a medium sized selection of resin buildings. Given that they’re fragile and bulky I’m not too keen on braving the UK postal service with them.
However I will be at Partizan on the 19th of August, so if anyone fancies meeting me in the carpark with a bag of used fivers these could be yours.
Also if you are local to Nottingham then I’m happy to meet up and exchange too.
As I say, I’m not prepared to post them, so please don’t ask.
Let me know via the comments if you’re interested.

Model is a 20mm plastic German, for scale purposes.

Selection of different models formerly available from Sentry/Ravensthorpe designed by Mick Sewell

Part Painted cottage - £8

Part painted bigger house - £10

Unpainted Normandy Farm (pretty massive this one) - £20

Unpainted Normandy church (again pretty big) - £20

Shellhole Scenics (now Lancer miniatures) 

Unpainted damaged Dutch House - £12


Ruined building, mostly paimted - £8

Unknown manufacturer

Ruined building unpainted - £5

Ruined building undercoated -£5

Or £75 for the whole lot.
I'll wait until Friday for offers for the lot then I'll split on a first come first served basis if no takers.


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  2. I will have them and I can collect them at Partizan.
    John L

    1. Crikey, that was quick!
      Drop me an email twd6968 at g mail dot com and we can sort out the details.