Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Operation Ziege

This coming weekend is the Cannon show in Retford.
I'll be going along to help James with his splendid Battle for Crete game.
When he asked for folk to take part I pledged a modest contribution of some goats and some barrels.
I later added a Stuka to the pledge.
So far none of these things are finished, but I'm determined to at least get the goats done.
So here they are all glued to Warbases bases (and one to Brenda's face).

They're a mixture of Warbases, Magister Militum and even a trio of old Amazon models.
(Incidentally if anyone knows who is selling the old Amazon range these days, let me know - I found a link a few months ago but forgot to bookmark it)
They're now sitting in sand waiting for the PVA to dry.

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