Monday, 26 March 2018

Chain of Command - US v Germans (2)

And so back to the Ilko Gaming Hut for the second part of our Chain of Command game.

I began by pulling back my exposed soldiers in the woods, an and using the sergeant to try and shift some shock.

This meant Von Ballzimmer could shift fire from the tripod MG42 on to the troops cowering behind the fence.

The American squad in the woods was now ready to return to the fray and poured fire into a German unit that had unwisely wandered into the open (and SMG range)

At the fence the squad pulled back and the Senior Leader restored some semblance of order

The German squad in the open was taking some serious shock

But on the far flank the Germans were pushing up on the abandoned fence

The German junior leader took a wound, further hampering their chances of recoevring from the shock storm

Seizing the day (and realising time was running out) the Americans in the wood rushed the pinned Germans and wiped them out.

Unfortunately, despite this causing the German force morale to plummet, the brave Anmerican squad were left exposed.
A fierce counter charge by the Germans wiped them out and the resulting checks saw the US FM fall to zero and the game was up.

A good fun game. Second time around we were starting to see some of the nuances of the system (though I expect they'll remain nuances that other people are good at).

General B opined afterwards that he far preferred it to Bolt Action.
I'm not sure the comparison is entirely fair as BA and CoC trying to do different things, but I do think it suits our preferred style of playing.

A big thumbs up from us and another game planned for next week.

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