Friday, 9 March 2018

40k Templars vs Orks once more

Over to the Hucknall Palias des Jeux with the Gaming Heir for another game of 40K.
This time Helbrecht was verboten and we used points instead of power.
And it worked a lot better.
We still lost, but it was a lot closer.

 Da Fick Red Line

Thwop, thwop, thwop!
Yooz lot ova dere! Yooz lot wiv me!
Dirty Bad Moonz allies
Bad Moonz meat shield
Intoo da wudz
Where id they come from?
And them?!
Protect the Rhino
'ave some of dis, Oomie!
Exit Land Raider
Zooooooom Dakkadakkadakkka!

I'm quite enjoying 40K and have started finishing off some of the boys and Nobs

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