Thursday, 8 February 2018

Kislevs and Balrogs a Dragon Rampant Game

The Lenton Gamers, of which I am notionally a member though more a sort of sleeping one (games night clashes with one of the many swimming nights that require Dad's Taxi service), is organising a Dragon Rampant campaign.
I like Dragon Rampant (I like most of Dan Mersey's rules) however Steve and General Ballroom won't play it. Steve because if we're getting the Warhammer dollies out he wants to play Warhammer (whic is fair enough) and General Ballroom because he wants to play Age of Sigmar (I know he's had a stroke, but even so...).
So I decided to throw my hat into the ring and make an effort to get to the club once a month to take part. It also gives me impetus to paint some more Kiselvites.

And so it came to pass that I rocked up at the pub to play Rage.
Rage had an all Demon army led by a Balrog. I had an assortment of Kislevites, with a couple of Yeti's along for the ride.

 Forward brave horse archers!

 Boris Krapotsky and the Legion of the Bear


 Evil Demons

 Turns out demons are quite nasty

 The Legion goes to work

But the Demons keep on killin'

Rage and I had a lot of fun playing. After a couple of turns of looking everything up we soon knew what we were doing.
Tactics and finesse were, I think it's fair to say, words that did not trouble us greatly. We just sort of ran at each other and smashed stuff up.
After a brutal and bloody slaughter we were each left with but a pair of models.
However as Rage's models were worth more than mine he achieved a Mighty Victory and I slank off back to my dacha to think about what had gone wrong.

All good fun and really nice to get the Kislev toys out on the table.
I'm not sure I'd want to play Dragon Rampant all the time, but for a couple of hours once a month it'll be just great.

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