Sunday, 11 February 2018

40K: Orks, Eldar and Black Templars

The Gaming Heir has grown weary of Frostgrave and is once again obsessed by 40K.
So I gace Steve a call and we got together for a three way 50PL game.

Steve has been gifted some Oldhammer 40K Eldar, so he used them.
The GH is convinced he can always win the Relic scenario, so we played that - using the Space Milkman model as the objective.

 Good job there's no more template weapons!

 Gruzzkupp urges da ladz forward

 'Ere we go!

 Clank, whirr, bang!

 The Space Milkman

 The Templars begin to rumble on

 Hope that's not full of Terminators and a Chapter Master. Oh.


 The advance continues


 Over dere! Get 'em!

 Space Elves

 Tank trap blocks the way

Da ladz get stuck in

 And run over some pointy ears

 Old Skool

 Da Nobz join in

 While da shoota boys take on the Rhino

 Gruzzkupp hangs back and ishoos orderz

 Helbrecht and the Terminators disembark

 And start to kill everything

However time runs out and the Orks have the Milkman

We only managed about three turns - I forget how a three way battle slows things down.
Steve's Eldar were pretty ineffectual - his Scorpions were unable to deal with my Warbuggies, though they did manage to get the Land Raider down to just a single wound.
The Orks did OK, but again struggled against the power armour of the marines. I need more stuff that can just flat out kill marines.

All in all a good fun game.

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