Monday, 19 February 2018

40K: Orks v Templars (different game, same result)

Ther Gaming Heir wanted to play more 40k.
I've been working slowly away at a Morkanaut and he wanted me to take it. So even though it isn't finished I agreed. I'm sure regular readers (thank-you both) will know how this ends.

Anyway, 75 Power Level I vetoed playing The Relic (as he thinks he has a cunning ruse to always win that) and we played Big Guns Never Tire.

Here's the pics:
 Da Ladz arrive

 Gruzzkup shouts orderz

 I was also asked to take my (unfinished) Kill-o-Zap gun

 Morky strides forth

 Deffkoptas (not as good as you think)

 The field of war!

 Crusader disgorges death!

Waaagh! Oh!

I think I lasted three turns. The combined firepower of the Crusader and devastator centurions rapidly turned the Morkanaut into a heap. Then when the boys got into combat Space Marine saves came to the rescue.

I have now prepared some more Nobz with Power Claws and am working up some Tankbustaz.

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