Monday, 24 July 2017

WAB Late Roman Army for Peterborough

Many (many) moons ago I started painting some Late Romans for WAB.
Then it stalled and I got distracted and, you know, stuff.
Anyway Andy Hawes and his chums are organising an Age of Arthur WAB event at Peterborough later in the year.
So I've decided to try and use the event as a spur to finally finish off the Late Romans.
I'm also going to use the Lead Adventure Army Painters informal thing to galvanise me - aiming for a unit a month!
We shall see how I get on
I figure I can always bulk them out with Saxon allies if I don't quite get them done in time!

I have a finished unit of unarmoured spearmen:

I also have a unit of armoured spearmen who just need a command finishing and their shields sorting out. So I started on finishing off the command last week.

But I knew I'd bought some other stuff, so I scrambled up in to the loft to see just what I had actually got squirreled away.

A mysterious box, a mysterious bag and a pair of blisters

Blister one is some Late Roman casualty figures in resin from Curtey's miniatures. Not essential (or even very useful) for WAB, but nice to have.

Blister two is the Musketeer Vortigern and banner bearer model. Clearly bought some time ago as Musketeer has been Footsore for several years now.

The myterious bag contained three other mysterious bags

Bags 1 and 2 are some "Romano British" Musketeer models that came out a bit after the initial release - ideal for adding variety.

Bag three is some Gripping Beast Late Roman casualties. So I've got the dead and dying thing well and truly covered. Just as well as any of my regular opponents will attest.

Finally a mystery box. That I picked up from the Gripping Beasty Boys at Salute a few years ago. (I've not been two the last two Salutes and I didn't buy it at the one before that. Or probably the one before that either)

What's inside is a mixed unit of Musketeer spearmen and archers. With no command.

Plenty to be going at there for the time being.
However I think I need to do some thinking about the army.

In my head it's a late Roman Army, just about the time the legions departed.
I've got two solid spearmen units almost finished.
I'd like a unit of Peydts I think - representing local militia types (with Chi-Rho shields to differentiate them from the trained Late Roman professionals).
I would also like some cavalry, chiefly because the Footsore stuff is so very nice.

 I obviously had some sort of plan when I bought most of this but I'm buggered if I can remember what it was.

With what I have I can do
Tribune and Decurio ASB
24 commanipulares with light armour, large shield and javelins
24 Milites large shield and javelins
24 Peydt large shield
8 Sagittari
Which is already comfortably over 1K points

Of course I could give my General Fabricae and then make the Commanipulares Milites with light armour. That would mean I could have a unit of Heavy Cavalry...

I think I may need to seek some advice...


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    1. Thanks Ray, the trouble will be replicating that style five or so years on...