Tuesday, 25 July 2017

OGAM Poseidon versus Hermes

A clash of the titans with the Gaming Heir as we pulled out the Greeks for a game of Of Gods and Mortals.

He took Poseidon (just the standard version from the rulebook, rather than the homebrew monster version he concocted for the last game) 8 Greek Armoured Hopilites, 4 archers, 4 Centaurs and the Nemean Lion.
I had Hermes, 8 Spartans (naked), 4 archers, Medusa and the Hydra.

I had slightly fewer points so won the roll off and set up the scenery. The Gaming Heir then won the roll off for first deployment and we duly deployed.

 Spartan Archers enjoying the view

 NSFW Nekkid Spartans

 Hermes, having a bit of a hop and skip

 The lion and the hopilites discuss pre-game tactics

 Archers of Poseidon enjoying a different view.

 The table from above

The game began with the hydra pushing toward the centaurs (who were, of course a bit drunk)
Foolishly I encouraged the Gaming Heir to attack - thinking the centaurs would whup the Hydra.
Then we read the rules and realised the Hydra was quite hard and the centaurs were duly destroyed.

Recoving the youth sent the invulnerable Lion to fight the Spartans. Not expecting to win, but expecting not to die and thus frustrate the Spartan advance. Which is pretty much exactly what happened for the next twelve trillion turns.

Hermes whizzed off to bully Poseidon's archers.
Meanwhil the aquatic deity wrought his vengeance upon the hydra.

Finally the Spartnas found a way forward, only to meet the Greek shieldwall AND the Lion.

Poseidon decided to unleash the Kraken - which went off to eat archers

 *Attenborough voice* And here we see the rare and beautiful Kraken in it's natural environment atop a grassy knoll.

In the centre the shieldwalls could get no real purchase on one another

So Poseidon decided to lend a hand

At which point Hermes razzed over, smacked him inna da heed and much to everyone's surprise banished him from the mortal real.

However frevent prayer by the hopilites saw him return almost immediately.

At this point the gods spent several truns killing one another and being summoned back.
Finally Poseidon decide more beast unleashing was necessary and the Kraken headed for the Spartans.

With pretty inevitable consequences....

And with all my mortals dead the game was up and I was the loser.

We both really enjoyed this.
I like the Song of... engine and the Greek models are fun.
I must try an wean the GH away from his 40K obsession so we can play this more often.

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  1. Your Greeks are coming on now, at this rate I may have to actually paint those Romans I keep talking about