Monday, 3 July 2017

More 40K 8th Edition

The Gaming Heir is champing at the bit to play more of the new 40K, so we ambled over to the North Notts Palais des Jeux for a three player game.
I had Orks, The GH took his Templars and Steve filled the table with all the Guardsmen in the world!

My Orks swarmed into a defensive position while the two imperial players discussed an alliance.

However the turncoat guardsmen trained their weapons on the Marines and wiped out an assault squad.

Tactical marines, however held an objective.

The Guard advanced on the marines

And the Orks. Seizing two objectives early on.

There were a LOT of Guard.

Kasrkin, or Karskin, or whatever they're called. They proved quite effective.

The Guard consolidated onto their second objective.

Ork nobs were caught by the Marine bikes

The last stand of Sergeant Pickelhaube.

The last stand of Numnutz da Nob

The Orks reclaim the objective from the puny guardsmen.

High Marshall Helbrecht leads the Marine fightback.

Bikes versus Koptas. Turns out Koptas are awesome.

Time pressures meant we could only play three turns, but at the end of those turns Waaagh Gruzzkup had the most points.
Much to my son's amazement I'd actually won a game.


  1. But did you have fun? It certainly looks like it - how does 8th play?

    1. Yes, it was good fun - if a little rushed!
      8th plays like a streamlined version of the previous rules. The core mechanics are simplified but it's still very much the same engine.
      The complications come from all the rules for the individual models. Some of these have been simplified, but I confidently predict bloat as time goes on.
      If you play the basic rules and aren't looking for the min/max WAAC combos it provides a fun, slightly clunky, skirmish game. I imagine if you're playing proper tournament style gamers then it's a tedious and joyless as ever. :)


  2. Looks fabulously good fun. It's sad to hear that the game isn't more... how to put it? Easy? Streamlined? Fun?

    1. Oh it's not bad. I've never liked 40K as a game as much as my first love WFB, so I'm probably not objective.
      It plays faster and fresher than previous versions and we're enjoying it.