Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Ivory Gauntlet - A Triumph and Tragedy Darkest Africa game

After many months* of preparation and painting I was finally able to stage a Triumph and Tragedy game for the other members of the Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team.
I bought the rules many moons ago and then chum James gifted me some Africans and then I started building jungle with no real idea what I was doing.
At some point I decided I'd do the free Ivory Gauntlet scenario, available from the Triumph and Treachery website as a free download. I finished most of the models a while ago, but only cobbled together enough scenery just before I went on holiday.

Usually when we get together for a game we agree what we'll play and then all turn up with soldiers - me turning up with everything and GMing was a new departure for us.

The scenario

Professor Camberwell Greenwick, doctor of anthropology at the University of Swindon, has ventured deep into the jungles of Tombogo, leaving a swathe of destruction in his wake. He is now returning to Tomsville laden with booty.
The fearsome, Ilk'oni tribe - "backward and savage heathens" according to Professor Greenwick - are preparing to ambush him as he heads home

The table. 

Steve initially expressed displeasure at my use of aquarium plants "It feels like gaming in a fishtank" but when it was all laid out everyone agreed it looked very jolly. I was pretty pleased with how it all appeared.

The game

The game began with the Professor leading the bearers forward.

The Ilk'oni appeared with bloodthirsty and savage intent on their minds

The proud Askari marched forth to meet them

Initial shooting from the Askari piled on some shock and a few casualties and the Ilk'oni withdrew to the undergrowth to recover.

Meanwhile the professor ordered the bearers to ford the river while he and the Askari kept up a hail of fire

The Professor proved a fairly hopeless shot.

The bearers paddled the river with no mishaps.

As the Askari broached the waters of the Hookinall river bow armed natives suddenly emerged from their hiding place!

Arrows and blowpipes wreaked havoc on the surprised Askari

Meanwhile the bearers picked up the pace and headed for Tomsville

The archers left the Askari to the mercy of their spear armed brethren and poured fire into the bearers.

Casualties mounted and shock increased

Valiantly the Professor belched led at the native fighters. but to no avail, the Askari were cut down.

The last few bearers left the table and as the warriors whooped their victory cries the White Man faded into the jungle hoping to make his own way back to civilisation.

This was great fun and the chaps seemed to enjoy it. The rules worked very smoothly for the most part, though we got a bit lost with combat and were a little puzzled by the morale/supression rules.
I think I'll ask some questions on LAF to clear things up. We also got the shooting modifiers wrong at first, but as it affected both sides it didn't matter too much. I really liked how T&T played and can see lots of potential for using them for small scale skirmish games.

Everyone agreed that "hosting games" made for a fun change, so Steve is planning something for General B. and I next week and the good General himself is planning to teach us both Congo the week after.
Me I'm thinking about a some more Darkest Africa T&T. Perhaps the follow-up scenario from the download pack, or maybe a rescue mission sent forth from Tomsville in search of the missing professor.
Does anyone make a 28mm cannibal cooking pot...?

*years, actually


  1. Fantastic write up! Sounds and looks like an awesome game. I actually think the aquarium plants look great.

    1. Thanks Nate. I think Steve came round to the joys of aquarium jungle once they were all laid out.
      Though I have now got ideas for a "beneath the waves" game - just to annoy him. :)

    2. haha excellent! I'll watch this space :p

  2. Heart looking game, made all the better by the jolly aquarium plants - I really must sort out some jungle terrain.

    1. Thanks Michael.
      BM Bargain stores are currently selling plastic topiary balls. Cheaper and better than aquarium plants. Them plus MDF, hot glue, sand and tester pots and you too can own your own slice of prime virgin jungle. :)

  3. Great stuff. Love the jungle terrain!

  4. A nice looking game. I've T&T rules before and agree they are quite fun.