Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Holiday painting - NWF Artizan Sikhs

I took a small TMWWBK unit of the very nice Artizan 2nd Afghan War Sikhs on holiday with me.
Despite it being gloriously sunny all week (in Scotland of all places!) I still found time to paint them up.

Really lovely models to paint. I followed the same method as for the British I've done previously. The images I found seemed a little contradictory about whether Indian units wore leather or webbing - in the end I went with leather to match the Brits.
Just a Mountain Gun to go now and I should have a starter force for Tim Wubbuk games.

I missed Partizan due to being in the aforementioned balmy climes of Scotland. However James and Matt acted as bagmen/white metal mules and picked up some more Pathans, so I can get the opposition sorted.
Great service from Old Glory who I left it until the very last minute to call.

To finish, here's a slightly better lit shot of the Artizan Pathans from the last post


  1. Fine work there mate. Nice models.

  2. Splendid, I really must get myself some of those.

  3. A really good job and thanks for sharing.