Monday 1 August 2016

Old Glory (and some Tiger Miniatures) Pathans (3)

I painted up the last of the bag O'Pathans I picked up at Partizan.
I bulked the remaining six out to twelve with some Tiger Miniatures models I picked up at Barrage.
Not to put too fine a point on it he Tiger models are terrible. Really rough and harking back to models I'd have rejected when I was twelve. You can still see the sculptors thumb print in some of the clothing, and were this CSI:Wargames I'd have used it to have him hunted down and jailed for crimes against sculpting.
I paid 50p each for them - had I paid 50p for the lot I think I'd have been over charged. However they were a quick and dirty fix to get me a third unit of riflemen. One which will turn out to be expensive when I replace them with Artizan or Perry models a short way down the track.
Scrivs always wisely says "life's too short to paint shit models", but as I'd already undercoated these and all I was doing was slapping a few base coats and a wash on I persisted. Though it made me sad.
Anyway, here's the unit.

And here are the Tiger models (look away now if you value your eyes)

This is about the best of them
(You can see I lost the will to live a bit with this one and he's a bit crudely painted.

Here's some of the nicer Old Glory models to take the taste away

And finally two more Tiger models that I bought to bulk out the OG bag of swordsmen I'm ordering this week to make two units of 16.

All bendy swords, odd anatomy and misshapen limbs. My poor eyes.


  1. That will be one to avoid in future, good to know. That said, in the mass of all your other tremendous efforts will they be that noticeable?

    1. Tremendous may be overstating it Michael, but thank-you :)
      I think, hidden in the back ranks and spread out across units and removed first as casualties they'll just about pass muster (I was a bit tired and grumpy when i wrote this post)

  2. They don't look that bad to me, I guess you've had to work harder to only get relatively moderate results which I can see is depressing and your reminded every time you look at them but I doubt many people would notice mixed in with the OG figures which are great.
    Best Iain