Monday, 4 July 2016

Old Glory Pathans

As part of preparing for The Men Who Would Be Kings (shortened to TMWWBK and pronounced Tim Wubbuk, the Canadian lumberjack, eh) I need some Afghans for my Artizan British to fight.
I knew from speaking to Andy Hawes that he'd used the Old Glory models (amongst others) for his playtest forces. I'd have liked to stick with the Artizan models, as they're dead nice and available from Nice Mr Nick Northstar just down the road, but the Old Glory ones seemed quite the bargain at £25 for a bag o 30 models.
However OG do get a bad press generally, so I was sceptical, but I figured if a talented brushman like Andy said they were OK, then they'd probably be alright for a cack-handed buffoon like me to mess around with.
So I ordered some to collect at Partizan. Annoyingly they only had one of the bags I was after in stock, but I figured if they were terrible better to waste only £25, rather than £50 so I grabbed the one bag I could and bought them home.

And here are the first twelve of them all painted up.

Simple white undercoat, pick out some details and the flesh bits then each one covered with a single wash all over. Some had CDA Mid Brown wash, some Devlan Mud and some Gryphonne Sepia.
I then went back and highlighted the white a bit.
Job done (apart from some basing)

So what do I think of the models?
Well, when I first got them out of the bag my heart sank. Used to Perry, GW and Artizan models these were undeniably cruder. 
But actually painting them was really easy and I'm really happy with the end results.
They're just nice simple soldiers - lacking in detail by some standards, but that's no bad thing when you've got to churn out a hatful of them and the exaggerated folds on the clothes and the characterful (caricature?) faces make them easy to paint.
I'll definitely be ordering some more.


  1. Excellent job.......great paint job I need to finish off my Zanzibar figures which I have painted in a very similar way😀

    1. Thanks Matt,
      I think for hordes of colonial tribal types simple washes are the way to go.

  2. I have to say that I rather like these, especially the Chief. I have found the same insomuch that miniatures without so much extraneous detail are often the ones that are more enjoyable to paint.

    1. I really like them too (not sure that comes across in my write-up) really nice simple soldiers to paint and get good results.

  3. Great looking figs...lovely paint job!

  4. Nice figures and paint job, I've been painting foundry and OG landsknechts and while the foundry figures are better sculpts the OG figures are easier to paint and cheaper, so similar experience I think it depends which range as to the quality of the figures and the cavalry is a bit small but I'll buy the infantry again.
    Best Iain