Sunday, 3 July 2016

Naps and 'Nids

Lat week I finished my initial British force for Sharp Practice 2.

So this week I set to with a will, painting and tufting up movement trays and basing all the figures.
Imagine my horror when I was nearly finished with this process and discovered I was actually three redcoats short!
I couldn't believe I'd miscounted, what an idiot.
So I dug out the sprues and prepared to start snipping again
And yet the more I thought about it the more I thought I couldn't have got it wrong.
So I went back through all my posts about Napoleonics on this blog and counted up the finished models that way.
And lo, there were 40 riflemen and 6 skirmishers, I hadn't miscounted after all.
I then recalled that I'd repainted the bases of five of them that for some reason I'd done with Scorched Brown instead of Khemri Sand - but looking at the post, there should have been eight of them.

But where could the missing musketeers have got to? I hunted high and low around my painting desk and even checked the loft to no avail. The only possible alternative, short of having accidentally thrown them out, was that they'd been left behind after one of our previous games at the Ilko Gaming Hut.

So I dropped General Ballroom a line to see if he'd spotted them.

This was what I got in reply:

Black Powder Space Hulk

So seemingly my three missing redcoats were in the Ilko gaming hut, but are now being recycled as genetic material for the next Tyranid invasion.


  1. That is piss funny, GB has his moments!

  2. Excellent idea in 1.8 k there is only war 😀

  3. Brilliant! Could be the start of a marvellous crossover.