Monday, 28 March 2016

My Camera is broken

My camera is broken. Well actually the little socket that the USB lead connects into is broken.
I can't imagine it's fixable (at least not for a reasonable sum) which is pretty annoying.
However I've located a separate battery charger and when that's delivered I should be able to charge the camera (which I think still works) and then I'll have to download pictures by taking out the memory card and sticking it directly into the PC.
Less than ideal, but £4 for the battery charger has to be a better deal than buying a new camera.

All of which is by way of apologising for any updates.

I have painted some more NWF British. If you want to know what they look like, imagine it's exactly the same as eight of these (because it is).

I've also been fannying around with some jungle terrain. (Imagine some plastic aquarium type plants glued to MDF. A bit like this).

Done a bit of work on some Ork Slugga boys (Imagine they look like these).

I also played a tremendous Good Friday game of 40K with Steve, General B and the Gaming Heir.
Due to the presence of the latter it was a) a game of 40K and b) a lot less drunken than last year's Good Friday piss-up T&T game. Well, for three of us. Steve managed to aquit himself well in the imbibing stakes.
I did take pictures of that, but my tablet camera appears to have a resolution of about 16 pixels, so the results (unlike the game itself) were horrid.
It was a bit like a mash up of this game and this game

So there you go, an unillustrated blog of my hobby over the last week.
Hopefully it's been a bit like enjoying sport on the radio because "the pictures are better".

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