Saturday 5 March 2016

40K Xenos versus Imperial

I pottered over to the Hucknall Palais Des Jeux with both offspring in tow as Stephen had generously agreed to host a game of 40k.
I would be taking the Orks of Waaagh Gruzzkup, Son and Heir had his Biel Tan Eldar, the Gaming Heir wanted to use his new Land Raider Crusader, which I have neglectfully failed to finish assembling and painting for him, and our host had his Imperial Guard. We all had around 750 points. Ish.

Steve had got out his very nice Cityfight terrain and we used the Eldar Spirit Stone objective counters. It seemed only right and proper to have the two imperial forces allied together to face the Xenos misalliance over the ruins of Stefangrad.

The Avatar leads the Banshees forth

Killa Kans hold the centre

To the left Da Deff Dredd and the Guardians hold sway

Th Imperial faction took the first turn and the (not quite finished yet) Land Raider raced forward to seize the central objective. The guard opened up with a withering but largely ineffectual round of shooting. Apart from a pie plate template that killed all of the guardians and the Spirit Seer.
Until we remembered the cover save and most of them came back.

Melty, melty...

Thwop, thwop thwop

Stomp, klank stomp

Lalalalalala, hello birds, hello sky sa Fotherington Avatar

In response to the Crusader menace we unleashed Fire Dragons and reduced it to a puddle of molten ceramite. Sadly all the terminators and the Emperor's Champion emerged unscathed.

Hahahahah. Oh.

The slightly camp Eldar Wraithlord minced into the fray on our left, supported by Deffkoptas.

Waaaaggh, klank, waaaagh!

In an attempt to stop the terminators savaging the rest of my army, I sent the Killa Kans klunking and a klanking into kombat. Which went about as well as expected (i.e. not very)

Pew, pew!

I'll wave my sword and attract it's attention!

Da Deff Dred plodded forward in search of squishy targets whilst the rest of the army poured fire into the terminators, who began failing saves. Eventually Ork boys hurled themselves at the Emperors Champion (once his terminator chums were all safely deceased), but Sigismund fought them off manfully.

He's in there somewhere...

Da Deff Dredd contented himself with murderising some guardsmen in the face.

At this point we called a halt to proceedings. The Xenos scum had racked up a large tally of dead servants of the Emperor, but we were playing the Cityfight game with missions and stuff and the Imperial side had been steadily racking up VPs. So at game end they had a clear lead, although they'd be forced to retreat from the smouldering ruins of Stefangrad.

You can read the Imperial version of events here.

Pretty good fun, though 40k occasionally bogs down in special rules. The armies on Steve's terrain look jolly splendid I reckon and it was a good way to amuse a couple of small boys (and my children) for the afternoon. Big thanks to Stephen for hosting once again.

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