Thursday, 3 March 2016

Great War Miniatures Late War British

I've always been fairly ambivalent (well, actually, fairly opposed) to the idea of gaming WW1.
But games last year with James and Scrivs and a little more reading around the subject has weakened my resolve.
And these are really nice models.
So I got some just to, you know, see how it went.

Very easy to paint, nice results.
Think the "battle bowler" may need some work.

I got some guidance from the splendid Over Open Sights blog who generously supplied his Late War British PDF.
Thanks very much Mark, most useful.
However I varied it to suit the paints I have, and the fact that I'm a much less talented painter.

Still not 100% sure how I feel about it all, but there's an anniversary next year that gives me a chance to mary up my toy soldier love with my main sporting passion, so I expect I'll paint a few more...


  1. Good work there! More please!
    I've always found it a little odd that some gamers avoid WW1 because they're not sure they feel it's "ok", especially as many of the same will happily play WW2.
    Whatever, welcome to what I think is a truly fascinating period of military history and one that deserves to be commemorated via wargaming.

    1. Thanks Matt.
      There's clearly no logic to it, and I'm not sure I entirely understand it myself, but I retain a genuine (though diminishing) feeling of unease.
      That said, nice soldiers is always good to paint. :)

    2. To be honest, when Warhammer Historical first brought out TGW I did initially baulk at it myself so I quite understand the illogic of it :o)
      Happy gaming!