Monday, 31 August 2015

The Treasures of Tromney - our Age of Sigmar Campaign continues

Warboss  Nubbinz  peered forward into the gloom. He sniffed the air. Nothing.  
Where was he? Where was he?
He felt naked and vulnerable without his choppa and without the reassuring bulk and sharp teef of Muncha beneath him.
“’ello?" he called in to the darkness "Where are ya, rat-boy?”
“Right here-here” said a voice in his ear
The proud warboss leapt in the air and let out a hideous shriek
“Whaddya fink yer playin’ at, sneakin up on me like dat!”
“Sneak-sneak?” grinned the ratman “just walked up behind you-you”
Like the goblin the Skaven warlord was unarmed. Like him he carried a sack. The two warriors glared at each other.
They were meeting in the middle of a large cavern, alone and unarmed to divide the spoils of their recent raid on Tromney. Slowly the night goblin lowered his sack and emptied its content onto the floor. The Skaven, keeping his eyes fixed on the greenskin did likewise.
“Right den” said the goblin “we takez it in turnz - I’ll go first. One for me, one for yoo, one for me. Oh, look, we've run out. Dats it den. All done. Fairz fair.”
The Ratman glared, hair bristling on his neck.
“We fight-fight and die-die more than you-you, greenman. The loot-loot is ours. All of it”
Nubbinz stared at him His mouth opened and closed
“Why you….”
His retort was interrupted by a huge blast. Both warriors were hurled to the floor and covered in earth as a cannonball buried itself in the ground between them.
“Flee-flee!” shrieked the ratman
“Betrayal!” yelled the goblin as they both ran into the shadows…

After the attack on the Empire village General von Tanzsalle has rallied his forces and launched a punitive revenge mission to recover the Treasures of Tromney.  Force marching through the tunnels his forces have become scattered but he interrupts the evil warbosses as they meet to exchange their treasure…

So once more we convened at the Ilko Gaming Hut for what appears to be an ongoing narrative campaign for Age of Sigmar. The three armies will clash in a cavern where the evil forces were about to divide their ill gotten gains from the last battle.

I came up with a random deployment mechanic, we placed the treasure in the centre of the board and away we went.

 The ratmen deploy behind the giant puffball

 It was quite gloomy in the Night Goblin corner of the cavern

 Von Tanzsalle arrives!

As is traditional Steve won the roll to go first and advanced at speed. However it was the Empire who made best progress toward the treasure, keen to retrieve the jewels of Tromney.

 Squeek, squeek forward-forward!

The Good General deliberated over which of his many Official Games Workshop Measuring Devices (tm) he should make use of. We pointed out that Warhammer is dead, so the weird dividers thing was definitely not allowed.

 Forward for Tromney!

 The slaves sneak forward

 Still dark, innit?

Honour (and treasure) is reclaimed!

The Empire seized the treasures and prepared to make good their escape, but the Skaven warlord declared that he would stop-stop them. Meanwhile my goblins bounded forward.

 The skaven form up in line

 Nubbinz and Mucha take on von Tanzsalle

With a whoop and a yell and a mighty bounce Nubbinz, Muncha and the spearmen crashed into General von Tanzsalle. The fight ground on for several rounds as Korbin the Priest healed the general. This problem was solved by the Skaven warlord, who removed the Priests head from his shoulders. Which allowed Muncha to devour the brave general.

 In the flank - the way rats like it.

Aaagh he's killed Klaus und Hans!

Meanwhile the Skaven went in pursuit of the retreating swordsmen, catching them before they could escape with the loot. The Warlock flew at the cannon crew and set about them with his pointy stick.

There now followed a slightly weird stand off in the centre of the board - you can't charge enemy if you start your turn closer than 3" from them - only retreat and as neither the goblins nor the Skaven warlord wanted to back away from the treasure we remained locked together.

 No honour, these ratmen.

Yum, yum, rats bum.

Any sense of allegiance between the evil armies was abandoned at this point as clanrats charged the goblin archers. The ratmen claimed the goblins had been shooting at them for a while, but this was a technicality as far as I was concerned.
At this point the Squig Herd finally arrived and bounded into the Warlord, with disaterous consequences for the rat general. However, the overconfident bouncers then met their match on the spears of the Stormvermin.

 Stab-stab die-die!

And again...

The Skaven were now able to mop up the remains of the Empire army and fall upon the Night Goblins. Nubbinz and Muncha grabbed a treasure and fled, but the Squig herders met the same fate as their erstwhile charges and even the Goblin shaman was surrounded and torn apart in a flurry of teeth and claws.

Another fun game. I think we've hit on a successful formula and size for these games and they're flowing better as we get to grips with the rules.
We've decided to continue the story later in the week. The Skaven will attempt to take their treasures as tribute to the local rat leader, hotly pursued by the Tromney defence force. However the Night Goblins have prepared an ambush...

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