Wednesday, 19 August 2015

40K Eldar versus Marines

In the latest episode of Tom Plays Games He Doesn't Really Enjoy Very Much its time for Age of Sigmar's misunderstood, bloated older brother 40K.
So this was what Eldest boy wanted to play and he duly dug out his Eldar whilst small boy grabbed his Marines.
I set up a table, threw down three objectives and away they went.

 The Templars deploy

 Space Elves!

 Shooty goodness

 The rhino rumbles forward...

 ...and disgorges Templars onto the objective 

 Keep firing ladies!


This didn't end well for the red clad fop.

In the end the Templars had claimed two objectives and the Eldar none, so it was an Imperium victory.
Neither of the boys has really grasped tactics or how best to use their models and I'm not much help. But it passed an hour or two relatively peacefully.
I'd really like them to at least finish off painting some models, but there seems slim chance of that and I'm resisting doing it for them.


TBH I preferred it to AoS - it was quicker (though the endless cross referencing and re-checking of conflicting special rules was wearingly familiar) and played as a series of small firefights rather than a huge bundle in the middle. I agreed with the boys that I'll help them work out a pair of 800 point forces and then we can play several games just with those so we all get a better handle on the rules.
I'm also going to get a copy of the current edition of the rules - not because I think they'll massively change things but just so eldest boy is actually playing the same game as his chums at school.

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