Saturday 4 April 2015

Triumph and Treachery (and Beer). A Warhammer Battle Report

It being Good Friday and us all having the day off myself, Steven and Andy convened at the North Nottingham Palais des Jeux for a big old 3k a side Triumph and Treachery game.
Andy and Steve have younger children* (and a foolish dog) who  wake them up early and so wanted a 10am start, the godless savages. I lobbied for eleven. Then woke up late and finally got there at eleven thirty.
After a little setting up we went out to grab a cob (or butty to my norther readers - ciabbata with sun blushed something and rocket as you southerners might think of it). Sadly Steve and I rolled double 6 for our Stupidity tests and wandered into the pub on the way. For a quick one.
And then wandered in again on our way back, for another slightly slower one.
This meant start of play was further delayed. Until about 3pm. So only four hours late.

Anyway we set to with the will and determination for which the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team is famed. This involved opening several bottles of beer and some chocolatey snacks and shouting abuse at one another.

Andy as the Empire General rolled poorly for set-up and found himself in the detested central position, the meat in our Orc and Skaven sandwich.

 Andy's Nordlanders

 Steve's Vermintide

 Gruzzkup's Waaagh

To be honest, my recollections of the events are a little hazy. I think my fifth or sixth pint of beer might have been a bit dodgy.
Anyway here are the pictures:


 The Bradford Bulls pack of the early Super League era

 One order of steamed slaves coming up


 This does not end well for the grey wizard

 The Ogres prepare to join the fun

 The giant clubs the death chickens into submission

 Slaves versus Night Goblins. A Titanic clash.

 Arrer boys, doing what they do best - not using their arrerz

At this point (about 7.30) we went for a restorative Curry.
On our return Andy failed his Panic test and went home.
Steve and I went back to the pub.
Then I went home.

Although it was difficult to establish an overall victor I think we can all say without fear of contradiction that Warhammer was the real winner.

Stephen's version of events can be found over on his blog.

*With their respective wives. Not as a couple. 

Please note that although drinking beer is scientifically proven to be both Big and Clever, Tom's Toy Soldiers Blog encourages you to drink responsibly.


  1. Great stuff! But really...I was half expecting the later photos to be slightly out of focus!

  2. Warhammer's not my bag but I recognize brilliance when I see it. Absolutely beautiful work. Love the steam tanks. Would have loved to read the bat rep but I can sympathise with you on the beer induced amnesia effect that many of us gamers succumb to at times :-)

    1. Thanks.
      I'm not sure brilliance is quite the right term, but I'll take the compliment.
      :)The version of events on Stephen's blog (link at the end of mine) is considerably more coherent.