Thursday, 9 April 2015

40K with the kids once more

Easter holidays has meant the boys have played a couple of games of 40K.
They played proper-ish games with 600 points a side and missions and everything.
I refereed and read the rulebbok (and frantically flicked back and forth muttering "who writes this crap").
Game one was won by the eldest boy's Eldar, whilst game two saw the marines triumph.

Game One

Game Two

The models remain resolutely unpainted. I fear the offspring are hoping they'll join my painting queue if they wait long enough.
I'm more inspired to make and paint some new scenery for the desert games they seem to prefer.


  1. Great to see the young 'uns getting into it. Won't be long and they'll know the rules inside out!

  2. It does beg the question though : If you think the rules are so bad, why teach it? There must be dozens of rulesets around you could use instead?

    1. Its the game they want to play. So I'm just facilitating.
      Dad's choice would be SAGA or Lion Rampant or LotR or SOBH or... but I'm not dictating - it's their hobby so they can play what they like.
      Eldest boy has joined school wargame club, where 40K is the only game in town, so he wants to practice that.
      Youngest child is obsessed by the fluff and so want to play with Marines.
      To be fair I understand the appeal of the background, I've always loved that too.
      The moaning at rules clarity is also a little bit of a self-deprecating in joke - I used to manage the Games Dev team when I worked for GW, so presumably I could have made them write better rules if I'd wanted!