Friday, 12 December 2014

Lion Rampant Retinue (11)

Applied some crude highlights to the other six models last night.

I also spent some time sticking together some plastics.

Five Black Orcs (only two of which were willing to stand up for their picture)

And five Gripping Beast plastic Arabs.

Models which I like less and less the more I stick them together.
I had some GB Vikings with me as well, but after the Arabs I just couldn't face them.


  1. Why so with the GB Arabs? I'm asking because once I've done my Crusader army (months from now at my present rate) I plan on getting a load of GB Arabs.

    1. I had some thoughts about them here:
      And I think my position has hardened. They just don't look right to me.
      The fact that I stuck together ten or so in June, and have only doen another five this week says a lot i think.
      I may do a post about plastics in general at some point soon...