Monday, 14 July 2014

Council of War Day Two

And so to the second day. Steve and I were joined by our fellow greenskins to play a mighty 10,000 point Warhammer game across a 12ft by 6 ft realm of battle.
Once laid out our armies looked spectacular. Our opponents included two of the armies nominated for best painetd at the event and the whole array looked stunning.
However unlike proper hobbyists (us) they'd got themselves an eclectic mixture of Empire, High Elves, Ogres and Wood Elves. One army, one army book - that's our motto.
So we'd at least one the moral high ground. Sadly that's all we won, though we had an immense amount of fun playing and the armies looked terrific. I was a bit too hungover to remember many details, so it's straight on to the eye candy.
Once again apologies for the quality of the pictures - old camera, poor lighting and shaky hands are an evil combination.

 Steve won a succession of "who knows the rules best" 10p bets. Here are his winnings.

 The blood red Empire army were what I voted for as best army.

 Stunning Manticore from the Empire army


I've still got a few pictures that I grabbed of the other games - I'll post those tomorrow, together with my thoughts on the event.


  1. Splendid, really splendid the Manticore especially...

  2. That battle looked epic. Great to see so many nicely painted models actually being played with.

  3. It was great. We got properly thumped, but had a splendid time.