Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another Scots v Normans SAGA game

I played this a couple of weeks ago, but real life prevented me writing it up until now.
And I've forgotten pretty much all of it.
But anyway, here's the pictures:

 Reet, less get these wagons tae market

Who are yoose?

 Oh aye son, ya reckon dae ya?

 Hae soame ae tha ya froggy we bastid

 You'll nae get yer hands on mae wagons

In yer face Charetier, we're aef tae market!


  1. Love the commentary, Saga Scots via Pratchets Wee Free men! ;p

  2. Another beautiful looking game. Not enough greenskins though. ;)

  3. They look like Johns' Normans good to see him gaming again.

  4. Nice report, very funny :-)