Sunday, 13 July 2014

Council of War - Day One

This weekend I have been playing Warhammer and drinking beer at the Council of War event at Warhammer World in Nottingham.
Our team had done it properly and were all using Orc and Goblin armies. None of this mix and match allies stuff - just loads and loads of greenskins. Proper.

Yesterday saw me play three games, two at 2000 points and one doubles game with my chum Steve.

A combination of old age and alcohol consumption mean that I am unable to relate the finer details of what occurred. Except that I came (a distant) second in all three games.

I took quite a lot of pictures, but several factors (Warhammer World lighting, ageing digital camera, the aforementioned alcohol consumption) mean they are not really of the highest quality. But nevertheless here's the eye candy. Some (the grainy ones) were taken with the (ageing) digital camera, the others (non-grainy but inclined to blurriness due to lighting) are iPhone pictures.

First up was Dave and his Warriors of Chaos featuring the Unkillable Daemon Prince.

Next was Tom and his Clan Skyre Warmachine army of Doooooom

And finally Rikki and Greg (not Greig, sorry Greg) with their Lizardmen Empire Combo. For which I was joined by "Seven Pints" Steve and his Mischief Making Manglers

Tomorrow you'll get the eight player 10K a side mega picture update.

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